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June 26th-29th, 2010

Royal Pacific Hotel and Resort, Orlando, FL

We stayed at the Loew's Royal Pacific Resort/Hotel which is part of a triplex of hotels which surround the park. The other two hotels are the Hard Rock Hotel and the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel/Resort. We chose this one based on price and availability and the Harry Potter Package. But they were pretty much all the same range.  They all had about the same features. This one has Jurassic Park themed kids suites, Pets area for your pets, It's got a lagoon pool with beach sand area (which we did use/enjoy), a bar, horseshoe pit, volley ball area and area down by the water's edge. It also had a couple gift shops, a laundry facility, a boat dock where the boat takes you (free) to the Universal City Walk, a kid's babysitting area and a little arcade.  Restaurants include a Luau but that is only on one or two days a week; but it's all you can eat Hawaiian and music. We missed it. Emeril's Tchoup Chop restaurant is quite famous but it's super expensive and you probably need to dress up to go in. Not sure but we skipped it. There's a sushi bar which we also skipped because we do not like fish... most people ate at Jake's American Bar or the Island's Dining Room which we ate breakfast at and LOVED it. It's very expensive though. It was like 45.00 for two breakfasts. There wasn't much for us to do at the hotel. We did go sit by the pool and put our feet in and chill for a while. We did walk the garden area inside the main lobby and walk around and visited the gift shops and used the laundry. I might try another hotel next time though.  However, staying there gave you the privledges of 1) getting in the park one hour earlier than the general public (so less crowding) and 2) you got the "fast pass" which allows you to skip lines and you get in super fast!  That alone was worth the price I think. Then there is the boat ride free to Citywalk. That's about it. You do pay for those privledges though It's about twice the price of other hotels. We also paid high for other things like PARKING. We rented a car that last day to explore Orlando and it was 24.00 to park a couple hours. In addition, when you walk in, you have to tip two sets of bellmen, and then the maids daily... as well as you servers. They add gratuities at the "all you can eat buffet" of 18% I think it was which I though is insane because they don't do much at all... you get up and get your own food. There's a lot of  tipping. Tipping the ride to and from the airport (we took a Towncar and that was super expensive at 100.00 plus tip).  I think the laundry is 3.00 a load but I forget. I drank a can of Yoohoo from the minibar and that was 4.00 plus tax and other charges (convenience charge or something). The gift shop was expensive too of course. So just be prepared to spend exhobenent amounts of cash. On the last day at the hotel, we took the rental car and after visiting the Holy Land Experience, we ate lunch downtown and then went shopping at an upscale center called Orlando Premium Outlets". I looked in the coach store but only spent money on the grandbaby, buying her a Patriots Cheerleading outfit and some shorts/overalls at Osh Kosh. We did not take photos here. Here are some photos of the hotel and grounds:

Left to Right: 1) The entrance where you tip the valet 2) the bridge/walkway to the lobby where you tip porter #1 (just from the car to the door) 3) the bridge view at the entrance 4) little frogs sit atop of the railing posts/they hold musical instruments


Left to Right: 1) View from the hotel entrance bridge 2) Another view of the hotel entrance bridge 3) Entering the lobby where you tip bellboy #2 who takes your bags to your room after you've checked in 4) Hotel walk way to the boat area/pool area (gift shop on the left)


Left to Right: 1) Middle of the Atrium with Elephant fountains 2) left side of the atrium 3) right side of the atrium 4) part of the grounds I think think this is the dog park area


Left to Right: 1) Grounds around the hotel 2) Bridge/waterfall which I think is under the entrance, but is near a restaurant. You can sit at tables and see this - I think about the nicest spot at the hotel 3) views from our room 2) views from our room



Left to Right: 1) Views from our room and 2) from the hotel's boat dock, the view of the Universal's "Fear Fall" ride.


I didn't take photos of the pool area or the room or main lobby/desk area which we should have... rooms were nice. The decor was bamboo and well done. Rooms were clean and most of it was newly updated with nice tile etc. My main critique of the hotel were the hallways. They were ALWAYS dirty. We were there two full days and two half plus days and the same wrappers/lint etc that was on each floor was still there by the time we left. I don't think they vacuumed the halls one time while there. Also, we had some lighting issues (which they did fix); Internet was NOT free as we were told it was going to be. And parking was outrageous. Those were my biggest gripes. Otherwise it was fine.


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