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May 30th, 2003

Eglin AFB, Valparaiso, FL


I have only been to Florida twice; once to go to Disney and the other time was way back in 1980.  Went to train in Eglin AFB; I thought it was neat to share a little about that experience and maybe, just maybe, one of my old squadron mates will see this and have fond memories.  I remember seeing my first armadillo, being with 95 guys and 5 or 6 women (we had our own tent, but everything else was shared).  No showers!  We slept with our M-16's.  We were gassed (I was to find out the day I went if I were pregnant and I was, but they made me go anyway and MADE me go through the gas; I think maybe sometimes that's what happened to my oldest child lol).  We saw and killed a couple rattlesnakes...and they bombed sections of old runway and we had to build new runways, wearing full chemical gear.  It was quite an experience as I recall, with a lot of fun mixed in; the guys did some harmless hazing (you know, makeup on a sleeping guy, shaving cream, carrying a guy out of his bunk with shaving cream, and toilet paper all over him chanting "ROT" which I never knew what that meant (something equal to who-ha or whatever I suppose).  It was a neat experience; but glad I no longer have to do these sorts of things. If any of the CES squadron sees this (from Wurtsmith AFB, MI in 1980), email. 



 Left to Right: 1) Me being helped with my chemical gear 2) Being gassed 3) bombed out hole on runway we have to repair 4) C-135 which we took to get there



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