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June 1st, 2003

MGM Studios Backlot Tour, Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL

While heading into the back lot tour, you see a couple small vehicular objects out front from Pearl Harbour, Mission to Mars and something else.  Then you walk through the prop warehouse where you get to see how the props are stored. You see some photos and then get to watch a little demonstration of a water stunt they used while making Pearl Harbour (Photos of the stunts below). After this demo, you take a tram where you get to watch the costumers (who are sewing movie clothing) through glass windows. On the way in or out of there are a couple planes from the movie Pearl Harbor. Around the corner, we saw vehicles that are stored at the lot.  These vehicles include items from Roger Rabbit, Star Wars, Pearl Harbour, Spy Kids, Indiana Jones, Walt Disney's personal plane and vehicles from other Disney films. If you can identify the vehicles in the photos below, email me and I'll try to annotate them here. Thanks! After the Vehicles, we drove down a small street where half a dozen house facades were.  The two houses I remember were from Richard Mulligan's show,  Empty Nest and the house from Golden Girls.  Some of the houses are in photos below; If you can identify the other two, please email me! After leaving the houses lot, there was was the audience demonstration portion where the tour becomes a small "ride":  You are riding on part of an exploding set.

 After the tour is over, you go through a building called the AFI (American Film Institute which houses some costumes and props that are famous) Here's some photos of just a few of the COOL items there including the witches hat from Wizard of Oz, Planet of the Apes costume, the Headless Horseman costume from Sleepy Hollow, The Penguin's Umbrella and feet from Batman Returns (also in the photo you see Howard the Duck), the Alien from Aliens, a piece of the Death Star from Star Wars, A Darth Vader Costume and more that I just didn't have time to take photos of....


 Left to Right: 1) Stunt Show 2) Stunt Show 3) Stunt Show 4) Props outside the AFI set 5) Backlot Tour outside of vehicles; this shows a spaceship


Left to Right:  1) The ride part; you are part of an action set being blown up 2) Fire coming at you 3) Water coming at you 4) the action part of the tour 5) a plane on the lot



Left to right: 1) House 2) Another House 3) Empty Nest House 4) Golden Girls House 5) Vehicles in the Bone Yard including a skiff from Star Wars 


Left to right: 1) Bone Yard vehicles 2) More vehicles from Indiana Jones 3) More vehicles 4) vehicle from Speed I think 5) More vehicles


Left to right: Vehicles 2) More vehicles, 3) even MORE vehicles 4) Plane, 5) Star Wars vehicle


Left to right:  1) more vehicles 2) last vehicles photo 3) prop house 4) more props 5) even more props


Left to right: 1) AFI Alien suit 2) AFI Death Star pieces 3) AFI Death Star Plaque 4) AFI Planet of the Apes 5) AFI Sleepy Hollow


Left to right: 1) Props from Batman and Howard the Duck and  2) Witches Hat from Wizard of Oz


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