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December 1998

Mildenhall, England


      Scott was the lucky one (not me ;( ) that got to go the England.  However, his stay was short.  A day in London and a few days in the town of Mildenhall.  Both were as a result of military deployment/stops to the Mid East.  In Mildenhall, he didn't really leave the pub/hotel because he and a bunch of guys just drank and sang and told stories and stuff like that.  He just enjoyed a time with the guys while waiting to see if they were going to Iraq. The hotel, by the way is a 16th century Manor House.  Very historic! Anyway, below are some photos and some links of places you might like to visit in England.



Left to Right:  1)  2) Scott in uniform 3)


Sites you might like to visit:

Mildenhall RAF

Mildenhall Museum

Worlington Hall Hotel (in above photo)

Things to see and do in Suffolk


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