Manitoba Museum of Man and nature

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August 1989

Manitoba Museum, Winnipeg, Canada


We tried to do a few things in Winnepeg; not shown on this site was a unique underground shopping mall; this museum I don't remember too well.  I know it has some stuffed animals like the bison in the photo below, a replica of a ship, a replica of an old town and I think a great deal of attention was devoted to mining.  Not sure what there is there now.  I don't remember the prices or hours, so please visit the official site for that information.  The kids seemed to enjoy it; it was not really crowded, it was moderate in size; it didn't take that long to go through. I don't remember if they had food or drink available but there were restrooms and I am sure there was a gift shop.  It was worth a go into.


Left to Right:  1) Bison 2) Us on a ship  3) Jason in a replica of an old Western Town



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