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June, 1985

 Cold Lake, Canada


While living in North Dakota for 5 years, there wasn't much to do.  One mall in Minot and the better shopping area in Bismarck, but still a small farming community.  During our 5 years stationed there, we went to what we found; South Dakota and Canada, but in North Dakota itself, only a wild life things to do.  Much of the Dakotas are prairie lands and dirt.  Not even trees.  We use to joke the state tree was the telephone pole and the state bird was the mosquito (they grow them big there).  Prairie dogs, most affectionately called Dak Rats, were the state animal... other than that, there wasn't much else but wind and snow... but Scott did have a TDY in Edmonton Canada at Cold Lake. He said there was nothing to do there if you weren't an outdoorsman.  Fishing, hunting, boating and camping in the summer and skiing and snowmobiling in the winter.  While in Edmonton, he said something about a HUGE mall... which supposedly is the world largest mall/entertainment center.  He said I'd of gone ballistic in there... but I didn't get to visit.  I think Edmonton and Cold lake are quite far from each other, but he did these at the same time and we've no photos of anything else, so we just lumped them here together.


Above:  1)  Scott at Cold Lake (and yes, it was cold!)


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