Manitoba Children's Museum

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August 1989

Manitoba Children's Museum, Winnipeg, Canada


We had extra time and visited the Children's Museum which we liked because when we went, the display was robotic dinosaurs, they moved a little and made sounds so the kids loved them.  The exhibit area was a bit crude but they may have improved over time (don't know).  They probably don't have this exhibit anymore, so check the official site to see not only what is new, but the current admission rates as well as hours and days of operation.  There was a gift shop, but I do not think there was anywhere to eat or drink inside (though restrooms are most likely available).  


Left to Right:  1) Brontosaurus 2) Pterodactyl 3) T-Rex 4) T-Rex again and 5) Triceratops


Left to Right:  Triceratops again 2) Kids in Dino Suits 3) Unknown dinosaur and Scott with his broken wrist.


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