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July 1988 and August 1989

Assiniboine Park Zoo, Winnipeg, Canada


We have been to the zoo twice because the first two photos were taken August 1988 while the Panda photos were taken August 1989. We apparently took no other photos as we've seen animals many times before at many zoos.  We went specifically the next year because of the Pandas; you had to buy a special panda ticket in addition to the Zoo ticket and you were sort of herded around them.... you went in a circle up and out which was cool, because you got different views of them.  At times, we were close!  You can tell from the photos and that wasn't using zoom (we have no zoom on that cheap camera).  Zoo prices were moderate and the panda ticket was about the same, but well worth it.  I don't know if this zoon still houses Pandas and I don't know the prices or hours now (it's too long ago).  Please visit the official site for that information.  I do remember there were food areas available, restrooms, water fountains and a gift shop. I do remember the zoo being a moderate size with the stereo-typical North American areas as well as other animals from all over.  The zoo was clean and nice; shopping was close by and a park adjoined it. 



Left to Right:  1) Bear 2) Flamingos  3) Pandas close 4) Panda again 5) Pandas yet again


Above Left to right:  1) Pandas and a spectacular shot of the Panda pair


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