Sea World

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April 11th, 1983

Sea World, San Diego, CA


We lived in California a few years (almost 4) and loved it there. There was a lot to do.  We were stationed at March AFB, CA.  Alas, I was pregnant and in the Air Force the first year and got out when I had the baby (worked out I had the baby and came back for only ONE last day after my maternity leave ended...just so happened to correspond exactly with my end of enlistment!).  Anyway, my favorite thing there was the Swap meets on the weekends and going to the park with the kids.  We did get so see a lot of stuff there too like the San Diego and LA Zoos (when you have kids, that's what you do). 

     The Sea World in San Diego is probably the best Sea World/Aquarium I've ever visited. I don't know if it still is, but they had a nice variety of shows; their trained seals, walrus's and whales are the best anywhere.  They used to be home to the famous Shamu, which we saw. I don't know if Shamu is still there. I know we had a great time and spent much of the day there.  You can do it all in one day if you go early (see all the shows etc). Some of the seals etc come up pretty close.  The Dolphins and other creatures are wonderful. It's worth going to. See official site for current times, days of operation and pricing.


 Left to Right:  1) Exotic Birds 2) Seal 3) Dolphins jumping 4) Seal 5) Seal Show



Left to right:  1) Entrance 2) Walrus 3) Dolphins again 4) Shamu Show 5) Shamu Show again


Left to right: Walrus Show and 2) Walrus Show again.


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