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April 7th, 1983

San Diego Zoo, San Diego, CA


We lived in California a few years (almost 4) and loved it there. There was a lot to do.  We were stationed at March AFB, CA.  Alas, I was pregnant and in the Air Force the first year and got out when I had the baby (worked out I had the baby and came back for only ONE last day after my maternity leave ended...just so happened to correspond exactly with my end of enlistment!).  Anyway, my favorite thing there was the Swap meets on the weekends and going to the park with the kids.  We did get so see a lot of stuff there too like the San Diego and LA Zoos (when you have kids, that's what you do).  On this trip we went with friends (so they are in a photo).  Anyway, the only thing I can tell you about the San Diego Zoo was that at least at that point in time, it had to be the BEST Zoo in the world.  It had a large variety of animals and some highlights were the brown bear (first photo below) which had the hugest head I've ever seen.  It was playing in the water and waving to the people etc.  I THOUGHT it had to be someone in a good suit it was almost human-like!  It was a brilliant thing.  Also, they had things like Tree Bears which I've never seen before and Koalas (which had to be in the darkened/quiet area).  You don't often see Koalas.  A lama (I don't know what you called it) came right up to us over the fence... very close.  What was special this day, was all the animals were out and they were very active; tigers playing etc. The grounds of the zoo were well kept.  I don't know if the zoo is still this good, but if they are the same or better, go!  Also there is a photo (last photo below) which you may not be able to read well, but it's hilarious.  It says "Primate Learning Center" (I guess they teach chimps and gorillas there etc); but the angle of the sign shows through the fence a group of teenagers .... I thought that was pretty funny! (looks as though the teens are the primates behind the fence).


 Left to Right:  1) Brown Bear 2) Camels 3) Crocodile 4) Elephants 5) Entrance (me and the kids with some friends-Hey Curt and Tara; email!; Scott taking the photo)


Left to right:  1) Flamingos 2) Giraffe 3) Koalas 4) I think this is a lama 5) Lions sleeping


Left to Right:  1) I think this is an Orangutan 2) Ostriches 3) Polar Bear 4) Tigers playing 4) Tortoises


1) Tree Bear 2) Zebra 3) Primate Learning Center:  Look close through the's a group of teenagers!  LOL


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