Palm springs

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April 17th, 1983

Palm Springs, CA


We lived in California a few years (almost 4) and loved it there. There was a lot to do.  We were stationed at March AFB, CA.  Alas, I was pregnant and in the Air Force the first year and got out when I had the baby (worked out I had the baby and came back for only ONE last day after my maternity leave ended...just so happened to correspond exactly with my end of enlistment!).  Anyway, my favorite thing there was the Swap meets on the weekends and going to the park with the kids.  We did get so see a lot of stuff there too like the San Diego and LA Zoos (when you have kids, that's what you do). 

     Palm Springs is gorgeous.  You go from desert to snow capped mountain in a matter of minutes; taking a tram.  Many famous people live in Palm Springs. It's noted for it's Golfing and Spas, as a hot spot for Spring Break; and a nice place to enjoy the view; we didn't go, but the Painted Canyons we hear are beautiful.  On the way towards Palm Springs, we saw the Windmills all the time (we traveled throughout CA to visit people as well) and they were quite a site.  There were seemingly hundreds of them and they looked more like an art exhibit than something functional.  I've listed the link below though I don't know why we never took photos.  We drove through many times and stopped there at least twice (once we went up into the mountains and once we just shopped and drove around). The Tram was nominal.  See below for official site, hours and days of operation and fees.


 Left to Right:  1) Looking down on the city of Palm Springs 2) Mountains 3) Scott on overlook 4) Snowy Mountain 5) Tram



Left to right:  1) Sue on top of a mountain


Sites you might like to visit in in or near Palm Springs:

Aerial Tramway

Agua Caliente Indian Canyons

Palm Springs Desert Museum

Palm Springs Walk of Stars

Palm Springs Golf Courses

Palm Springs Spas

Palm Springs Shopping

Windmills of Palm Springs

Cabazon Dinosaurs


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