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November 1982 & April 1983

Beverly Hills, Hollywood, CA


We've been to Hollywood I think three times.  We have seen these things:  The Hollywood Walk of Fame, Capitol records (but did not go in), Fredericks of Hollywood, the famous drugstore I believe where they say Lana Turner was discovered at the corner of Hollywood and Vine (I don't know if it's still there); the Brown Derby (did not go in; but a lot of Celebs supposedly ate there back in the day), Mann's (also known as Grumman's) Chinese Theatre where a lot of premieres take place. Also at the theatre, there were footprints and handprints in cement and we saw and tried on all the standards.  The Hollywood sign (we went up close to it but did not climb the hill (I don't think they let you anyway), Madam Trousseau's wax museum.  We drove to Beverly Hills and Scott said he saw Bernadette Peters in a black Mercedes... we saw the Beverly Hills Hotel (did not go inside) and the infamous Rodeo drive.  We drove around Beverly hills and I guess the really great houses we couldn't see as they were well walled up and trees etc.  The other houses weren't THAT impressive. Overpriced a lot of them for what you'd get here for sure.  On one of our trips, we saw part of the Hollywood Christmas parade.  We saw a lot of people who were free to be who they wanted; for example punk rocker extremes before it became mainstream.  Also homeless people; including someone eating out of the trash.  Such a dichotomy there; it's unreal.  We saw papers free to even passing kids, advertising all sort of deviate sex deals.  Mostly, we just enjoyed people watching and to see what the Hoopla was about.  Another time we went, we went to a filming of "Laverne and Shirley" and a taping of "The Jeffersons".  We never made it to "Price is Right" but one of my husband's co-workers/our friend said she did; she got ON the show and won on the clock game where you can win four prizes; you have to switch the tags or something.  That's about all I remember except traffic was horrible and smog was pretty bad.  All things were free.


 Left to Right:  1) One of the Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: Bob Hope 2) Capitol Records 3) Fredericks of Hollywood 4) Fredericks of Hollywood 5) The famous drugstore and corner "Hollywood and Vine"


Left to right:  1) The Hollywood sign 2) the Hollywood sign again 3) Mann's Chinese Theatre 4) Mann's Chinese Theatre again 5) Figures from Madam Trousseau's Wax Museum; the Last Supper


Left to Right:  1) Footprints and Handprints in the Grumman's Chinese Theatre: Peter Sellers and Dean Martin 2) Rodeo Drive sign.


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Hollywood Wax Museum

Mann's Chinese Theatre

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Brown Derby

Hollywood Sign

Capitol Records

Rodeo Drive

Beverly Hills Hotel

Hollywood and Vine

Hollywood Christmas Parade

Rose Bowl

Rose Parade

Grumman's Egyptian Theater

Paramount Studios


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