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April 13th, 1983 and September 1985

Disneyland, Anaheim, CA


We lived in California a few years (almost 4) and loved it there. There was a lot to do.  We were stationed at March AFB, CA.  Alas, I was pregnant and in the Air Force the first year and got out when I had the baby (worked out I had the baby and came back for only ONE last day after my maternity leave ended...just so happened to correspond exactly with my end of enlistment!).  Anyway, my favorite thing there was the Swap meets on the weekends and going to the park with the kids.  We did get so see a lot of stuff there too like the San Diego and LA Zoos (when you have kids, that's what you do). 

     Disneyland is something everyone in California does.  I've been to this one I think three times and to the Florida one once.  The Florida one is better simply because they have Animal Kingdom, MGM and Epcot.  The city outside of the one in Florida is cleaner too.  Anaheim was pretty run down looking back then.  However; there is a difference in the Anaheim one that is magical.  It's difficult to explain, but there is a different aura.  I think Walt's spirit resides here maybe.  It's definitely a fun place to visit. Check the current official link for days, hours of operation and pricing etc. When we went, it was expensive for us as we were pretty poor at the time.  Below, you see me pregnant...not fat!  I was pregnant with Jeremy at the time.  We later went back with both kids.  The photos are mixed below from the two times we took photos.


April 1983 photos:


 Left to Right:  1) Antique Fire Engine 2) Cinderella's Castle 3) Mickey 4) Entrance 5) Fort/Trading Post



Left to right:  1) It's a Small World 2) Jungle Cruise (up a tree) 3) Pregnant Sue and Mickey 4) Main Street 5) Scott and Goofy


Left to right: 1) Ship and 2) Tom Sawyers Tree House




Left to right: 1) Scott and Kids 2) Jungle Cruise 3) Jungle Cruise 3) Matterhorn 5) Scott and Jeremy going on Motor Boat Cruise


Left to right: Sue and  Jason and 2) Sue and Kids taking a drink break


Sites you might like to visit in Anaheim:

Disney's California Adventure

Ripley's Museum

Movieland Wax Museum

Wild River's Water Park


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