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March 9th, 2008

Peoria Sports Complex, Peoria, AZ


Scott left without me to visit his dad and see a baseball game.  Alas, his dad became ill and ended up in ICU with back problems.  So his dad never saw the game.  Scott did attend and then spent most of the rest of his weekend visit with his dad in the hospital other than out to eat.  The family attended the spring training game or at least him and two of his siblings.  Tracy and Marshall went and all had a decent time.  They all bought baseballs and got signed.  Scott got three signatures for me (see below).  Not much else to tell; early March and very sunny and hot already!  That's Arizona for you.




 Left to Right:  1) Two players; I think one on right is Juan Uribe 2) Same two players 3) Fan and his homemade White Sox hat 4) Players stretching before game (Pablo Ozuna, ? Leifer, and unknown players 4) Players warming up before game same as previous mostly 5) What? Is that a photo of a Padre on first base?  No photos were taken of Padres!


1) The field 2) Jermaine Dye 3) The Stadium 4) Liefer and another player 5) Little Brother Marshall and Scott 5) Scott and Tracy


Above: That's my man right there; Scott.  What's that?  A Cubs Hat?  Yep; he's a Cubs fan and his brother a White Sox fan.  Me? I am a Sox fan too.... RED Sox that is!



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