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July 1993

Reid Park Zoo, Tucson, AZ


We used to go to Reid Park Zoo a lot; especially when Scott was overseas in the Mid-East.  We could picnic there (see fireworks on 4th of July) and they'd hold kids painting classes at the zoo which the kids would do in the summer.  The best part of this zoo was the closeness to the Giraffe (see photos below). Best of any zoo I've been to (they get really close to you at times; you could almost touch them with no visible barrier).  The favorite day we went with the kids friends and I and I tool them to the park/zoo and to a movie and for ice cream.  The kids had a nice day and their parents had a reprieve.  We also spent a lot of time at El Con Mall and at the Library; the Library in Tucson had lots of great programs, where kids could read for prizes (top prize being a bicycle).  Our kids got close to the top, but not quite.  They too had a lot of programs for kids and my favorite event was the annual library book sale.  Anyway, the park and zoo are not HUGE, but well worth a visit. The zoo contains a lot more animals not seen here; a few unique ones but all the major staples as well.  Zoo prices are moderate (see official site for hours and prices).  There are water fountains, places to get food and drinks and a nice gift shop.


 Left to Right: 1) Sculpture (looks to the kids like people walking; to me arteries 2) Giraffe 3) Giraffe again 4) Sculpture (kids in there) 5) Anteater


Left to Right: 1) Swans (or Geese?) 2) Aardvark (anteater?)


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