Mount Lemon

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October 1992

Mount Lemon, Tucson, AZ


Mount Lemon is located in the Tucson Arizona foothills, and is a destination for rock climbers and skiers.  We just drove up and looked at the views and turned around and came back.  There was a little old town up there which was almost deserted looking but very friendly people there.  I hear most of the town burned down recently.  As many might know, wildfires are a threat in Arizona; I am not sure the town's fire was the result of a wild fire, but while stationed there, we did see a lot of the foothills on fire from our home.  Just a couple miles away, fire threatened even our house... during one of these wildfires, part of Old Tucson Studios burned down.  Tragic indeed.  Free to visit; see site for skiing fees. Don't venture into rock climbing or anything like that unless you are accompanied by a professional; it's dangerous!  Wear good hiking boots and bring lots of water and cold gear for the top of the mountain.  It goes from hot to cold pretty quick; also, don't chance driving up with a small 4 cylinder run down car; it's really steep!


 Left to Right:  1)View part way up Mt Lemon 2) The three men in the gully 3) Mountain/rock climber on an unusual rock formation


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