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April 1993

Colorado Rockies Spring Training, Tucson, AZ


We went to a couple Colorado Rockies games but the first one was in April 1993 when they were brand new.  We managed to get a few of the players to sign a scorecard; I don't know who they are though (all I know is the ones we wanted the most didn't sign; Ryne Sanberg who was injured and Dante Burchette). Scott used to make some good extra cash hawking beer at the games; he also worked at University Arizona during baseball and football season and also worked at the Winston 500/International Raceway as a ticket taker.  Back then we didn't collect autographs really so he didn't try for any!  Oh well.  He made pretty good money though moonlighting!  During this game, the Rockies played the Cubs; I don't even remember the score.  The kids had fun though. See below where to buy tickets; when I bought tickets, they were cheap only 6.00!  There is a place to get food and drinks; a place to buy souvenirs; parking WAS free; not sure about now.


 Left to Right:  1) Rockies and Cubs on the field 2) Scott Hawking brewskis 3) Chuck McElroy from the Cubs 4) Multi-sig Colorado Rockies Scorecard


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