"A" Mountain

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January 1992

"A" Mountain, Tucson, AZ


The original name of this mountain, Sentinel Peak (west of downtown), was derived from its function as a lookout point for the Spanish. In 1915, fans of the University of Arizona football team whitewashed a large "A" on its side to celebrate a victory, and the tradition has been kept up ever since -- the permanent "A" is now red, white, and blue. It serves as a "make out" spot today and a teen party spot which is known to the local police, who keep a vigilant eye out to make sure the mountain stays in great shape.  We used to go to the base of the mountain; if it wasn't too dry, on July 4th, they'd shoot off fireworks from here.  If you go, beware of the giant fire ants (got in our car and attacked us!); also rattlesnakes, scorpions and tarantulas. Free to climb. Bring Water and good shoes and don't do it unless you are in good shape!


 Left to Right:  1) The kids at top of mountain 2) Jason going up Mountain 3) Scott posing on the mountain


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