Santa Clause 2 Elf Suit.  Left is suit in entirety; middle is shown wearing all but the gloves (my mannequin lacks arms) and right is a photo of the suit from the film.  My elf was named Shaquille Yussef.  I found his agency and asked them to ask his parents if he could sign a piece of the outfit; but I never got an answer. The item comes with a Disney Costume bag and COA from Disney. Bought directly from Disney in a charity auction for Toys for Tots. 





Scorpion King prop (still smelled like Fire when I got it); obtained from "Premiere Props" I was unable to find the prop in the film.

Charles La Maire Costume Sketch from the film "The Egyptian". Obtained at Memorabilia Auction "Profiles in History" auction catalog 27 NEW

"Land Before Time" Original Background : Obtained by person who painted it!  NEW





Temporarily unable to locate; will scan in when able to find it

Chocolat Script: this was obtained in an auction and was said to be a script sent to one of the Academy Award judges for consideration of "Best Adapted Screenplay"

St. Elsewhere (signed by Ed Begley Jr) Copy of original script.

Droids: copy of script signed and sent by one of the writers of that episode.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (partial script belonging to an actor who gave it to me)








Cosby Show Script:  This script was the property of a camerawoman on the show and is from the last show and signed by 17 Cast members (everyone but Lisa Bonet and two others)