These are not lithographs, Serigraphs, Model Cels,

         Reproductions etc.  They are screen used one of a

       kind "Production Cels"


FOR SALE ones marked with *** Email for prices and questions.

Bambi/Thumper NEW   Care Bears   Dilbert   Dilbert NEW
Droids ***   Droopy (Signed: Hanna & Barbera)   Ewoks***   Ewoks
Fat Albert ***   Pink Panther (signed: Fritz Freleng)   Garfield (Signed: Jim Davis)   Heathcliff
He-Man   Norelle Tenshini Narumon ***   Paula Abdul Music Video   Scooby Doo
She-Ra (signed : Lou Scheimer)   She-Ra ***   Smurfs   Speed Racer ***
Spongebob NEW   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Model Cel ***


Tom Sawyer Special Presentation

piece to voice artist who signed it 

Top Cat  

.Winnie the Pooh Model Cel (not a production cel)


Wylie Coyote

Production Cel (Signed by Chuck Jones)


Chilly Willy Production Cel

Signed by Walter Lantz