Triple Shot

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September 21st, 2006

Triple Shot Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre  Virginia Beach, VA



Warm up band for Foreigner and Styx.  Not bad at all; played a montage of famous licks/riffs and sang one Zeppelin song.  Was a short gig but pretty good!  They are a local band from the Hampton Roads area (Chesapeake I believe).  They are not listed on the ticket stub, but they did play.


Left to Right: 1) Band 2) Band again 3) Arlo from our local fave radio station: 106.9 the Fox



Triple Shot

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This band likes Hendrix, Zepplin and other great rock legends and some country style rock too. Good guitarist and pretty good band as I remembered them from last time.  We saw them on stage before Starship this year (2008) at the American Music Festival.  That's the only band we saw this year.  We were going to see Eddie Money but decided against that as it was overcast and it would be another long trip back to the beach and another round of expensive parking.  Maybe next year!  Anyway, below are two new shots of Triple shot.


August 29th, 2008

American Music Festival  Virginia Beach, VA


Left to Right: 1) Band 2) Venue (17th Street stage) and there's the main guy tuning his guitar.


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