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July 4th, 2009

Fort Monroe Hampton, VA


No ticket or pamphlet


     We went to see the Average White Band in person for the Independence day holiday.  It was a free (ticketless event).  We didn't stay for the fireworks due to worrying about traffic.  It was bad enough the traffic after the concert because of people who had the same idea as us. We thought we'd know a lot of the songs but we didn't for this band.  I remember them way back in the 70's when I was a teen.  There were two local groups in front of them and I made pages for them as well (see below).  It was "alright" but not one of my favorite shows.  However, it was cool I did get a signed CD as the band came out and signed... See photos of that below as well as photos of the show.  There was no ticket as this was a free concert, so nothing for that.  However, I'd like to mention that Fort Monroe is on the BRAC list and will be closing down.  Many issues popped up about the historic base and much of it will be torn down.  I am asking people to write your congressmen and women as well as your Senators.  We must save this base because it's a historic place. 

    Fort Monroe has ties to everyone from Abraham Lincoln who spent time there, to Native Americans, slaves, and Jefferson Davis who spent time in a jail cell.  In addition, Edgar Allen Poe wrote some of his most famous works here and this was inspiration for some of his work.  In addition to the, General Lee lived in a house on the base which is being used now for regular housing!  In addition to that, Fort Monroe is the only in tact (and I mean fully in tact; it's so very well preserved and looks like it was built not long ago!) 5 sided fort in existence!  It's also surrounded with a moat and that too is the only one. It's very unique and during it's time, it was one of the most important Forts in US Civil War history.  In addition to that (in case that is not enough for you), it's got a small lighthouse which is from the period too... and a lighthouse keepers house.  Trees that are on the base are totally unique as well.  They are very very old, and are full, oddly placed and they are all "leaning" which gives them are really neat look.  So please, help save Fort Monroe!

   Before the Average White Band came out, there were two other bands that played called "Gator Almond and the Spice of Life Band" and "Tidewater Drive". I've made pages about them as well.  See links below or go back to the concert main page. 

   By the way, the prices were NUTS for food.  5.00 for water!  8.00 for a Indian Fry Bread... I would recommend eating before you go to this event.  However, much of the funds went to support the troops in some fashion or another; so you could consider it charity I suppose. Bring bug spray, sunscreen, blankets/chairs.  Cameras and video allowed provided it's not professional.  Parking on gravel but free...expect a long walk to the car depending on how late you arrive.  The later the longer the walk.

   I found Tidewater Drive to be a good band; it played many songs from the 70-s-80's and varied styles (little of everything).  They sounded pretty good. Gator Allmond had more of a soulful sound but did some varied 70s-90's music and the bit where Gator Allmond put on a wig and miniskirt and did a Tina Turner song was priceless... very entertaining.  He went into the audience and got people moving.  We believe we saw Tidewater Drive at an office Christmas Party a year or two ago as well.  I don't remember if it was them or Slapwater now. It was something with water in the name!

   Well that's about all.  Enjoy the photos etc!

   Since I did not label the band photos below (sorry, no time) I could not find all the member's info... so sorry! If you know, feel free to email and I'll label everything so they can get the credit they deserve.



From left to right: 1) the band from afar 2) the Band Close up 3) a good shot of the band 4) the entire stage when we first came in they were just starting.


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