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July 4th, 2001

Downtown Super Block Newport News


This was a ticket-less event; a free concert in the park for the Independence Day Holiday.  It was sponsored by the city of Newport News. I didn't take photos, but below are some signed items. Of course, Grace Slick wasn't there. The show was pretty fun; a lot of the same good music played. This group is formerly known as Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship.  Now, Starship pretty much is just Mickey Thomas... the rest are all solo now. Mickey Thomas had some blonde bimbo in a bikini top offstage he was kissing...


to see the Grace Slick autograph, go to and scroll down to Music, then Grace Slick


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August 29th, 2008

American Music Festival, Virginia Beach, VA


We went again to Starship August 20th, 2008 in Virginia Beach for the annual American Music Festival.  This is a free ticketless event.  I did manage to take photos this time!  I've added a partial video clip too (will delete shortly though because of the size.  the only original member is Mickey Thomas.  Paul Kanter split off into forming his own group with a familiar name:  Jefferson Starship the Next Generation.  Grace Slick is retired and left the music business as far as I can tell (she paints now).  Marty Balin, is a solo performer and Craig Chaquico is a solo act as well.

From Left to Right:  1) Whole band 2) Stephanie Calvert Vocals/Tambourine and  Darrell “Pelican” Verdusco- Drummer/Vocals 3) Phil Bennett -Keyboards/Vocals 4) Mark Abrahamian - Lead Guitar 5) Jeff Adams - Bass/Vocals  

From Left to Right:  1) Mickey Thomas - Lead Singer/Founder 2) Mickey Thomas 3) Mark Abrahamian and Stephanie Calvert




Jefferson Airplane

Jefferson Starship

Starship Myspace

Craig Chaquico

Marty Balin

Grace Slick's Myspace

Mickey Thomas


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