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September 3rd, 2009

5th Street Stage on the Beach,  Virginia Beach, VA


We attended this because we enjoy Heart's music and we feel Ann still sounds great.  This year, the American Music Fest had to me lesser pickings but we were glad to find at least this band to enjoy.  The warm up band was "Nantucket".  They were pretty good. They seemed to enjoy their time on the stage and the music appealed to just about everyone.  They did a little of current hit/country/rock and their own. Scott wasn't that impressed but I liked them. Once again, we were right down in front but by the time Heart took the stage, people crowded us out and I could not see well. I had to stand on a chair part of the time and we were pushed back, so the photos aren't as good as I'd of liked. Scott doesn't like it when I say year after year and concert after concert that we need to keep inching up WAY before the concert starts. I know what happens if I am not RIGHT up to the stage! I am so short I have a difficult time enjoying the concert.  I hope one day he'll get more aggressive and remember these past concerts. There's always hope I guess. There was no chance of autographs. Radio disc jockeys cover the event, they have food and drinks and there are a few vendors around the boardwalks etc.  Parking is rough. Prices are a bit higher. Starting at 6.00 for the parking garage this year to 20.00 for lots several blocks away.  Food sucks always at the beach. I highly recommend you eat before you go. Beer is expensive. They card you at the gate and give wrist bands to those who drink. Usually the concerts are free and therefore ticketless, (all the others are free up and down the strip) but the fee is usually small but there is one for the 5th street concerts. This one had a ticket. This one was like 20.00 plus fees (so over 25.00 each in the end) this year, which is the most expensive concert to date for us at this event.  Remember to get sunscreen, a good chair and some cash as well as a towel and some water to drink. Dress accordingly.   Members of the band include: Tommy Redd: Guitar/Spoon/Vocals, Larry Uzzell: Vocals/Guitar/Trumpet/Harp/Congas/Percussion/Harmonica, Mike Uzzell: Bass/Keyboards/piano/Vocals, Eddie Blair: Saxophone/Keyboard/Piano/Clavinet/ Percussion/Vocals, Kenny Soule: Drums/Percussion/Tympani/Vocals, Mark Downing: Lead/Slide/Guitar, Pee Wee Watson: Guitar/Vocals, Richard Gates: Drums, David "Thumbs" Johnson/Guitar/Drum Machine/Vocals, Alan Thornton: Guitars


Left to Right:  1) Tommy (Guitar and Vocals) and Benny (Guitar) 2) The entire band plus some 3) Nantucket the band 4) Crowd at American Music Fest 5) Crowd American Music Fest 6) Tommy (Guitars/vocals) and Mike (Keyboards/Vocals)


Left to Right:  1) Larry (Vocals/Trumpet/Harp)



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