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July 22nd, 2000

GTE Virginia Beach Amphitheatre Virginia Beach, VA with "Chicago"



Both bands played this day although the ticket stub doesn't show it.  Actually, both were really good but I think I preferred the Little River Band.  Remember Lonesome Loser?  Or Reminiscing?  Love it!  Chicago has too many hits to mention, I didn't realize Little River Band was going to be there and that just made my day.  On this trip, we did not take photos (too dark)  but I do have an autograph:




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September 4th, 2004

American Music Fest Virginia Beach, VA



This time we got at least a few photos!. This group was added after another cancelled last minute (Baja Men who were stranded in a hurricane in the Bahamas). So they are the black line on the ticket and a surprise to event-goers. They were the highlight for me personally.  Though we had backstage passes/VIP tickets, the band did not gather as usual as they had to get to Pittsburg for the next evening.  Sampling of many images of Little River Band.  First is a bit blurry but it's the only one I have of all of them together...


From Left to right: Little River Band, Greg Hind, Kevin Murphy, Stephen Hudson and Glenn Reither, Stephen Hudson, Wayne Nelson, Wayne Nelson and Greg Hind, and last is a generic full stage view.



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July 4th, 2007

Victory Landing Park Newport News, VA


No ticket or pamphlet


We went to the Fireworks July 4th but mostly to see the Little River Band.  This was one very small venue, though it appeared to house maybe a couple thousand people. I am surprised they'd play this but I guess they gotta make a living!  The event was free (paid for by the city) and I've never been to this part of the city (not very attractive area but a couple nice looking buildings).  Below are photos showing the band, the small park, crowd and it was right on the water, so there's an ocean view of two very large boats. The acoustics weren't so great this time around. They sounded ok though (not the best I've heard them but decent). The crowd wasn't so enthusiastic for some reason; very disappointing to see that.  I was though.  I love this band!  I missed getting an autograph again by a few seconds.  I was at the end of the bus and the lead singer dashed in before I could walk there.  Oh well! Before Little River Band, a group called the Connells played.  See their link to my page below.


From Left to Right:  Boat as seen from park, 2) Another large Boat 3) Crowd 4) Park 6) Stage and Little River Band


From Left to Right: All photos are entire band shots.  We weren't close enough for individual shots.


From Left to right: Victory Landing Arch at the very small Victory Landing Park 2) The plaque showing what the arch is about



The Connells

The Connells Myspace page

Little River Band




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