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October 16th, 2009

Hampton ColiseumHampton, VA


We attended this October 16th, 2009.  Kiss was never one of my top 10 favorites and nobody could understand why. Other than "Beth" and "Rock and Roll All Night", I never really cared for their music too much (it's okay though).  But since Gene Simmons reality show, we began falling in love with Gene.  He doesn't drink or do drugs, but remains cool. He is smart, witty and seemingly a loving father and love Shannon. Whether or not there are skeletons in the closet remains to be seen, but it does seem that he's a decent human being and for a rock star, that warms me to him.  I just hope he's been respectful to all those women.... there was ONE comment which almost changed my opinion of him (a comment made in one of the first couple seasons where he mentions groupies and big women).  I did NOT appreciate that. However, the fact that he remains drug/smoke/alcohol free is astounding and shows how you can have a career and be cool without all that.  The concert itself was as I kind of expected. Musically it was more screaming than  singing and most of the music sounded the same to me, but die-hard fans were screaming so loud their throats were sore. Of all the concerts I've ever seen, this is the larges production probably. Rod Stewart also threw a pretty elaborate production too with costume changes, an orchestra, dancers/backup singers and such. But Kiss, has Gene flying up high on a wire and an life, the drummers set goes up and does a 180 on each side and they had a lot of confetti (so much more than any concert I've been through) which was kind of awe-inspiring. Of course there were pyrotechnics and also huge lighting displays. They did not disappoint on the stage shows or costumes/makeup which is what they are probably best known for. Nobody does it better than they do. Music... eh. Not bad but not my top 20.They would be slightly down from that.  But all in all, a worthwhile experience.  Gene did have fake blood and licked his face a lot. A little TOO much as his makeup was coming off (hope non toxic!). I think he should pull back on that.  Paul Stanley did well and the other two band members, though not original, did a great job as well. Actually, the drummer was quite impressive.  I saved some confetti from the concert. Photos are not that great because you were not allowed cameras and we had a large one and had to sneak fast shots when the security was distracted. We were on the main floor and in the first 12 rows center section to the right facing the stage which was good enough to be so cluttered with confetti I was still pulling it out of my bra by the time I got ready for bed! Oh, of all the concerts I've ever been to, this is the one with the utmost souvenirs to purchase. They didn't just have T-shirts and CD's. They had photos, posters, other novelty items. They really know how to market! That must be Gene...Opening act for Kiss was Buckcherry.  LOL.  Oh almost forgot. This is the FIRST concert we've ever seen that was in our city other than Grand Funk Railroad.  We've never been to a concert at the Coliseum till now! Member of Kiss now are: Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer.


Left to right: 1) All four members but Paul Stanley on screen 2) Gene Simmons and Tommy Thayer 3) Gene and Tommy duel and Eric Singer plays drums in the background 4) Gene Simmons high above the crowd 5) Another shot of Gene on a platform. At one point he flies in the air too.  6) The whole band: Kiss with Gene Simmons on the screen.


Left to right: 1) Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy 2) Final Bow 3) Lots of Confetti 4) More confetti and Gene Simmons on the big screen 5) Drummer on screen Eric Singer 6) Kiss


Left to right: 1) Tommy Thayer 2) The whole band with Paul Stanley on screen 3) Gene, Paul and Tommy 4) Gene, Paul and Tommy with Pyro in the background 5) Gene, Paul and Tommy


Left to Right:  1) Confetti from Kiss Concert



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