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August 25th, 2009

NTelos Wireless Pavilion Portsmouth, VA Loggins and Messina with Gabe Dixon Band


We attended this August 25th, 2009.


We attended this August 25th, 2009. Nice concert; it was nice seeing them together again after many years. A lot of songs were missing though. I have had a hard time trying to figure out who was who in the band and I do not recall him telling us who was all in the band but including Loggins and Messina, it looked like 8. I managed to buy a signed CD from Kenny Loggins. It was really inexpensive. I didn't see anything from Messina. The venue offered no chance for meeting them. One of the toughest venues for that sort of thing. Our seats weren't that great. Could have been worse though. Though in the Orchestra section dead middle, we were 11 rows back. Anything past the first 5 rows is bad for me because of my deteriorating eyesight. I even have problems 2 or 3 rows back. I need to be up front.  You might remember Kenny's "Danger Zone" above all else, but he had quite a few hits and the Pooh Corner songs are quite popular. Loggins wrote songs for Doobie Brothers (What a Fool Believes etc) and other songs include "This is It", "Foot Loose" and "I'm Free". Jim Messina was also with Poco and Buffalo Springfield. Their band member change continually. I couldn't be for sure these are the guys playing but from what I can discern, these may be the band members shown in my photos below: Stevie D - drummer. Base player - George Hawkins. Steve Nieves - horns/percussion. Big Jim Wheeler - horns.  Gary Oleyar - fiddle and Gabe Dixon - piano/keyboards.


Left to Right:  1) Steve Nieves (Sax) and Kenny Loggins (Guitar) 2) Lighted - Kenny Logging and Jim Messina 3) Steve Nieves, Stevie D (drums), Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina 4) Kenny Loggins and Drummer Stevie D 5) Kenny Loggins and Steve Nieves.


Left to Right:  1) Stevie D, Gary Oleyar(?), Jim Messina and Keyboard player (Gabe Dixon?) 2) Jim Messina 3) Big Jim Wheeler 4) Steve Nieves 5) Jim Messina (not sure who is in dark background)


Left to Right:  1) Kenny Loggins (Big Jim Wheeler in the background to his left) 2) Kenny Loggins front left, Jim Messina front right, Stevie D back left, I think that's Gary Oleyar back middle and I think Gabe Dixon Far back right 3) Kenny Loggins signed CD which I got at the concert! Not able to obtain Jim's signature though.



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