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September 3rd, 2010

American Music Fest VA Beach, VA


This was a ticket-less event; a free concert in the park for the Labor Day Holiday.  It was sponsored by the city of Virginia Beach. American music fest hosts over 40 bands annually and a few headliners. This year we chose three of them (Pat Benter and REO Speedwagon were the other two).  Other choices this year were the Village People, Gloria Gaynor , Dilbert McClinton, Max Weinberg, Chicago, War and a lot of other bands, national and local. They played at the 17th street stage on September 3rd, 2010. Before them was a local group, but I did not get their names, so until I figure out who it was, I can't post the photos. The schedule said "Poco" but I don't think they looked like Poco, so I cannot post anything until I know for sure. We may be going out to the festival again this year, depending who is playing, so in the meantime, enjoy the photos!


Left to right: 1) Charlie Huhn (Guitar) and Roger (Drums) 2) Charlie and Jeff  (Guitar) 3) Charlie sweating from working so hard 4) Charlie and Bryan Bassett (Bass)  4)  Bryan pleases the crowd


Left to right: 1) the obligatory crowd shot 2) we caught a pick (Charlie's) 3) Charlie and Jeff rev t he crowd 4) another pick (other side) 5) The whole band after the encore




Gloria Gaynor

Village People


Max Weinberg

Delbert McClinton

REO Speedwagon

Pat Benetar


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