Eddie Money

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August 4th, 2007

Busch Gardens Williamsburg, VA


No ticket or pamphlet


We went to see Eddie Money and his band at Busch Gardens.  The concert was free but the tickets cost about 55.00 each.  Parking per car was 10.00.  The ticket we had though, is a VA pass for residents.  This pass was good May through September 1st, but we only bought it in July.  We bought it exclusively for the concert series.  We saw Dennis De Young two weeks prior to this concert.  I don't know that we'll go back for anymore concerts though.  I know 38 special, Chubby Checker and two country acts are coming.  The concert itself was so-so.  Some microphone problems when the daughter sang or something (she sounded far away).  The people didn't sing and dance as much as most concerts we went to; some of it was due to not knowing the words to the songs and most of it though was definitely the heat.  It was SOOOOO hot that day.  In the 90's and very muggy.  Eddie signed after the show with proceeds of CD sales and T-shirts benefiting the Elizabeth Glaser Aids Pediatrics foundation. We couldn't stay that long.  A lot of people did; I am sorry we didn't but we were so tired and hot.  We'd been walking around for 8 hours already as it was and had a 30 minute drive home.  Here's some things about Busch Gardens if you are planning to go.  Bring sunscreen,  bug repellant and someone to carry your items as a lot of rides don't want you taking purses and bags on them.  Some rides you'll get wet, so best to bring a plastic bag if you insist on carrying them on.  Ride wait time is about 30 minutes for a cheap ride to 1.5 hours for a popular ride.  If you plan to go on as much as humanly possible in a day, you ought to get up and be there when it opens and stay till it closes.  You might be able to get half a dozen rides in at most.  It's really a two day event or even three days. Bring LOTS of cash.  Everything is mega=expensive.  You are not allowed to bring in food or drinks to the park.  However, they do have a picnic area outside the park.  You can make special arrangements for one area which has places to warm your food.   Bring good walking shoes and you might want to bring some band-aids for the blisters.  Some aspirin for the ride home because it's very noisy and crowded and headaches will ensue.  As for Eddie's concert, he is getting on in age and it's just not the same.  Dennis De Young had a problem with moving a lot too (because of his age) but I think Eddie's voice is just a bit off from the past.  Though he sounded ok.  MUCH better than some I've heard, but definitely not his peak.  His daughter sang solo and is quite talented.  The guys loved her.  She's very cute and nicely built...


 1) Bass Player: Lee Beverly 2) Drummer: Glen Symmonds 3) Guitarist: Tommy Girvin  4) Keyboard Player: Randy Forester 5) Lead Singer: Eddie Money


1) Eddie's Daughter Jesse (Tambourine/Backup singer) 2) Jesse and Eddie 4) The stage 4) The whole Band 4) the two ladies in the front (one white hair and one wavy hair) that fought like hellcats over his sweaty towel (oh yeah, and the band on stage).


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