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May 4th, 2010

 Earth, Wind and  Fire Fort Monroe Hampton, VA


No ticket or pamphlet


     We went to see the band Earth, Wind and Fire at Fort Monroe (before it closes) to see Earth, Wind and Fire.  It was a free event so that part was good. Parking is always interesting and most leave half way through the event to get out without being trapped for hours. Many cars were still coming in halfway through the concert, I think some of the papers had the wrong times listed. I am glad we got there when we did,  Some said that the "preshow" was at 5 but really it wasn't far after the band started to play. I was disappointed. We sat kind of far back because they were charging a LOT of money for VIP Seating and we came early (hours early) and were as close as we could get nearly without paying a crazy sum to be a few feet closer. It got you nothing else... The warm up was Gator Almond doing a DJ thing which I did not like. For one thing, it was mostly hip hop and the second reason is he wasn't on stage doing anything and the third thing was he did a "countdown" of 31 songs, for which he played maybe 10 seconds from each... just when you got into the song, he'd change it. Don't get me wrong. I've seen Gator a couple times before and he was really good. Not today though. That countdown thing bites.  Save it for local DJ'ing at the clubs and make it a lot shorter! I couldn't see the band when they did come on stage as everyone insisted on standing and I am short. It was sizzling hot and I got a sunburn. The music itself was okay to me to good (not great) but to hubby and son, they didn't like them as much. If maybe we were closer, we could've enjoyed it a bit better.  I don't know who the band members are. See their site for info. There appeared to me to be upwards of more than 12 people on stage at a time and sometimes less. Usually between 8-13.  I don't think these are full time band members, but they list the horn section separately than the main members. I think only three are original


From left to right: 1)  All are various members of the band; some on  and some off stage, and some all the way through. I don't know who is who! Sorry

From left to right: 1) Part of the band on stage, two crowd shots and an other on stage photo of the band




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