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September 2nd, 2000

Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre Virginia Beach, VA


Don Henley was good. I don't remember if there was another band or person before him though.  I prefer him though WITH the Eagles.  We did not take photos at this event.  We didn't have a good enough camera at this point in time. Mr. Henley sang everything from:  "Dirty Laundry", "Boys of Summer", "Hotel California", "Desperado," and so many more.  Caution! Beer is $6 a cup.  Pretzels are $5 and soda is like $3-$4.  Plus you can't roam freely and can't dance in the aisles or at your seat the whole time without them telling you to move.  Restrictive venue if you are not on the grass.


Don Henley autographed CD


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