Dennis De Young

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July 21st, 2007

Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, VA


No ticket or pamphlet


We saw Mr. De Young and the band during a trip to Busch Gardens.  Actually, we bought the tickets ONLY because of Dennis De Young and not to go on rides!  As a matter of fact, all we went on was the skyride thing (like a ski lift) and we did that just to get across the park rather than walking.  Thanks to Busch Gardens for having a classic rocker there that we like.  The concert was good.  They sang the old songs and a couple new ones (which were good) and Dennis sounded like he did those many years ago.  His voice really has not changed and they even did one song a capela and it was great. I've never seen him in concert before, so that was nice.  One thing on the Busch Gardens though.  If you go to a concert at night, you probably should plan to spend the entire day there because of the parking situation alone!  It was crazy... we went about 4 PM and parking was literally in the overflow lot, in Siberia!  I actually think it was called Barbaria, meaning it's the furthest away parking lot in the furthest away overflow area and they ran out of space there, so we were parked on the grass.  Imagine having to pay 10 bucks for that!  I feel like they ripped me off big time.  Also, there is NO food in the concert area, so get something before the concert.  There is one small cart for drinks inside.  No bathrooms.  So make sure to visit before you go.  No chairs... you are not allowed to bring in folding chairs or coolers either.  No large bags... so remember that before going.  Tickets for us were about 55.00 each. that includes the concert and all the rides you want.  However, wait time for each ride is probably a long time.  Less popular rides will take 20-30 minutes on a fairly busy day while the three biggest roller coasters will be an hour or more.  That day, I was told an hour and a half for a 30 second ride.  If you have any questions about Busch Gardens or the concert, please feel free to email (see below).


From left to right: 1) back up singer Dawn Marie Feusi 2) Suzanne De Young 3) Dennis De Young 4) Singing Mr. Roboto 5) Drummer Kyle Woodring


From left to right: 1) Keyboard player John Blasucci (I think) 2) rockin' 3) Guitarist Tommy Dziallo (I think) 4) Mr Roboto pic again 5) Bass Guitarist Hank Horton


From left to right: 1) the Crowd 2) Dancing 3) Dennis and his guitarists


Above: Dennis DeYoung and Suzanne DeYoung autographs. They were so kind to sign the photos I took.



Busch Gardens

Williamsburg, VA


Dennis De Young

Kyle Woodring




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