The Commodores

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No tickets or Pamphlets


June 11th, 2005

Harborfest Town Point Park, Norfolk, VA


This was a ticket-less event; a free concert in the park for the Independence Day Holiday.  It was sponsored by the city of Norfolk.  Lionel Richie of course is no longer with the band.  They were pretty good and are good entertainers for sure.  Lots of energy and smiles.  This free annual event means lots of crowds. It's one of the largest festivals in VA and probably the largest in Norfolk.  Bring sunscreen, good walking shoes, bottled water, a blanket or chairs to sit on to enjoy the concerts and plenty of money.  The grounds are oftentimes uneven, muddy, filthy from cigarette butts etc so you don't want to sit on the ground.  It's loud and noisy and not good for people who can't mix in a crowd... so keep track of the children here.  Food is expensive like anywhere... 5 dollars for fries and a cheese steak sandwich is 8 or 9 dollars (and small and not very good tasting).  So beware.  This event not only has local and national bands for free, but there are a number of events going on including people selling crafts, an art show, and some companies sponsor things for the kids to do.  Parking is rough.  you'll most likely have to pay metered parking or park in a city garage; the parking prices aren't as bad as DC or other large cities.  Probably can park for about 5 dollars.  you will have to walk quite a distance to the festival.  The festival runs along the harbor and spans from the Nauticus to the mall there.  So in addition to the festival, you can wander onto military ships for a look, go in the Nauticus museum or stroll the mall.  The Nauticus prices range from 10-12 for adults and kids are free to 8.50 depending on age.


From Left to Right: 1) The Commodores 2) The Commodores again 3) the Entire band





The Commodores

Lionel Richie



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