Bryan Adams

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July 18th, 2008

  NTelos Pavilion Portsmouth, VA



We went to this concert because we had the opportunity to meet the bands. I wanted to actually get one of the VIP passes and see what it's like to be on the other side of the fence.  They actually took part of the ticket (because their scanners weren't working I guess?) and above is the wristband we got.  The VIP package wasn't a great deal I can tell you that.  For 200.00 a ticket, (175.00 plus fees totaling 198.00 a ticket) you were supposed to get great seats, meet and greet, be able to take photos with the band, a CD of your choice from either band, a poster and other great stuff, along with a BBQ dinner.  We did get the CD's and mini poster.  The other great stuff turned out to be a can koozy and some ads in a bag.  The BBQ dinner turned out to be a hot dog and some stale potato chips.  You had to buy soda and beer or other food if you wanted it (soda was 5.00 and beer 8.00 a cup).  Some deal?  And there was much debate over the possibility of getting autographs or taking photos with the band.  We were told we were NOT allowed to go near the band (behind or on the side of them) and not to touch them, not to ask for photos with them, not to ask for we wondered what the hell we got for our money. I could've gotten a hot dog and chips anywhere for about a buck.  Tickets were about 40 bucks.  So for the rest of our money we just get to walk by them and say hi and move on?  They didn't "mingle" either.  However, when the bands came out, they told the venue to screw off and they signed at least one item per person and did allow photos of them or on near them (just not WITH) them as it'd take way too long.  Bryan Adams allowed people on the table... to sit or crouch to take a photo with him.  He was smiling and friendly; as were the band members.  Jason Bonham (drummer for Foreigner) wrote on the table (Shame on him).  The venue staff or band wranglers (not sure exactly which was which) were going nuts.  The guy in the Hawaiian shirt was constantly trying to get rid of people out of the area.  When they wouldn't leave he was exasperated.  But we paid all that money for what???  He needed to chill because once the concert started, was when everyone left and that seemed appropriate.  As for the concerts; they were good.  Foreigner's lead singer is very entertaining and went into the audience twice which people loved.  Bryan Adams was upset some people couldn't take a good photo because guards shooed them from the aisles.  So he told the fans to come down and they did.  That freaked the venue people out.  If you got up to get a drink or use the restroom, people stole your seat.  I had to remove some people from ours when we came back.  Both bands sounded good and had a number of hits and new songs to win over the masses.   It was a quite enjoyable event overall, but wish they'd of at least allowed photos with the bands and a REAL BBQ dinner. 



Left to Right: 1) Keith Scott (guitarist/vocals) and Norm Fisher (Bass Guitarist) 2) Bryan and Keith Scott 3) Mickey Curry (Drummer) and Norm Fisher 4) Keith Scott Bryan, Mickey Curry and Norm Fisher  5) Bryan 5) Bryan, Mickey Curry and Keith Scott and Norm Fisher.



 Left to Right: 1) Whole Band at end of the concert including not seen in other photos: Gary Breit (Keyboardist) 2) Bryan Adams with fans at meet and greet 3) Bryan Adams talking to a lady from Australia 4) Bryan Adams 4) Back of the slick Bryan signed for me  5) Front of the CD slick




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