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June 22nd, 2003

Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Virginia Beach, VA


The band was ok. Decent; but not off the wall. Most of the original members are gone.  New high-note singer Fran Cosmo is a good replacement for Brad Delp who is still the lead singer and back, but can't quite reach the notes like he used to. Seems like there's no animosity, so glad to see that. This tour saw Boston touring for the first time in many years.  Their new album was just released and entitled "Corporate America".  Some of the music from there is good from what I can tell and you can still hear the signature Boston sound that makes the band unique, but it's a departure of sorts.  Only time will tell if the comeback is stronger. Kimberly Dahme, sang a song that was SO un-Boston-like that I strongly suspect she'll eventually break loose for a solo career. Meanwhile, they let her do one song and she's a guitar player for the group and an aspiring songwriter.  Having to leave early for a slight family emergency, we didn't have the opportunity to try for autographs (sigh). and we only took three photos, and they were without a flash; two were even worse, so this is the ONLY one I saved (and it sucks I know!).


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