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June 21st, 2008

Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre  Virginia Beach, VA


Left to Right: 1) Billy playing piano, Keyboards, drums, Guitar and percussion 2) More of the same band members 3) More of the band 4) Two guitarists, Billy, Keyboards 5) Roadie named Chainsaw sings "Highway to Hell" while Billy Joel plays guitar


Left to right: 1) Roadie Chainsaw sings "Highway to Hell" while Billy Joel Plays guitar and rest of band (except backup/sax/percussionist girl) 2)  View of the VA Beach Amphitheatre Stage from where we were sitting; You see two jumbo screens and the full stage 3) a Panoramic crow shot.  That's just the first and second section to the left of us or right of the stage.  Thousands more behind us, including the whole second section, the right side and the entire grass area (largest section).


Neither Scott nor I have ever seen Billy Joel in concert before and we liked it, only thing is we didn't have great seats. I think we ordered the tickets second day because we forgot, so we were second section (first couple rows, but still... off to the left of the stage or right facing the stage).  You couldn't see him well.  He did play piano, guitar and harmonica.  He sang most of the biggest hits, but because he has so many, he couldn't sing them all.  Conspicuously absent was "Uptown Girl" and the "Stranger".  He did sing my four top favorites "My Life", "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" and "Piano Man" and "Only the Good Die Young".  Some new music too. A good mixture of his songs. He is indeed a great pianist.  I don't know his band members, so I tried to look them up for you. Alas, the Billy Joel site is badly done.  It doesn't have any mention of anyone at all on his site but Billy.  It has no boards, it has no comment area, no autographed memrobilia for sale and the concert dates are not even listed.  Ours wasn't mentioned at all... pretty sad.  The VA Beach Amphitheatre is a difficult place to obtain graphs (unless you are a VIP) so that wasn't possible.  It's a run down bit compared to other venues.  It's expensive too.  6.00 for a soda now.  5.00 for a small bottle (one of those 16 oz or whatever) and 8.00 for a small cup of beer.  So bring loads of money.  They will check every bag/purse/fanny pack for alcohol, food, drink, drugs, or guns etc.  Flash photography and audio/video recording is prohibited.  However, I have seen loads of people with cameras.  There is a place for the handicapped.  There are restrooms and water fountains.  It's not the cleanest though... and parking is on dirt and free.  However you can pay for "premium parking", which we discovered really isn't worth it.  That's about it.  If you have any questions, feel free to email (see below).





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