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June 30th, 2007

Norfolk Tides Harbor Park, Norfolk, VA



We saw this band as part of a company sponsored baseball game.  Most of my husband's company sat inside the restaurant where we had a free dinner buffet, but I noticed the band playing and at least wanted to hear one song; so we went outside and ended up watching the whole thing because they were pretty darned good~   It was cute that they had three costume changes.  We were engrossed so much we forgot to capture the third costume change; but the first was the 60's with the matching suits and skinny ties, while the second stage was the Sgt Pepper's outfits and the final change was the 70's Grunge stage with the ripped jeans and sunglasses and long hair etc.  They'd be a band I'd hire!  I knew every song and it sounded pretty close to the Beatles.  


From Left to Right: 1) The early years costumes 2) the long shot of them on the field 3) The Sgt Peppers Years and 4) a closer image of the Sgt Pepper's years.



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