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Air Show Pamphlet


April 27th 2007

 Langley Air Force Base, Hampton, VA

The Air show is an annual event and open to the public.  This year, the featured band was Kansas (we saw them so many times already!).  They showcase a lot of planes, some of which you can go into.  The thunderbirds fly (the highlight of the show) and other planes fly and do maneuvers to wow the crowd.  On display was also an array of helicopters, a VERY large hovercraft and some tents which house Air Force stuff (not sure what was in them as we didn't go into it).  The event is free.  Other things included local radio/TV crews, food and T-shirt and other sales (sunglasses and sponsor tents).  Upon going to this FREE event, be prepared to take a while to get in the base as traffic backs up.  In addition, you have to be patted down and your purses checked etc.  You cannot bring in bags etc.  Lawn chairs are allowed.  Suggestions:  bring water, money, sunscreen, sunglasses and GOOD walking shoes.  Also earplugs for younger people and older people as the planes are LOUD.

Left to right: C-17, F-22 Raptor, 4 Raptors, 4 Raptors again, C-17 from other side and unknown


Left to right: 1) Middle plane F-15 and far right is ?, 2) Far behind (left in photo in back) is B-52, in middle is C-17 and on the right of  that (smallest plane) is A-10 Front is F-16  3)  Flight line; vendors and tents 4) Thunderbirds 5) Thunderbirds again and 6) Raptors


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